Sunday, November 22, 2009

How to Get Readers to Stay on Your Blog

Blogging is a great tool for increasing your internet presence and getting your business’s name and message out to members of your target market. A well written, regularly updated blog can turn your website into an valuable informational resource that will make visitors want to tell others about you and keep them coming back to check for updates. But creating a blog that manages to grab reader’s attention and keep it is not easy. It requires you to come up with regular, compelling content that is presented in an equally compelling way.

Here are a few tips to help you along from a Dallas, Texas SEO service.

Cover the Hot Topics
Write about the things that people what to read. Whatever your field is, look for topics that are currently abuzz by searching for the latest industry news online and make use of resources like Technorati’s popular search term list and Yahoo! Buzz Index’s Top 20 Overall Searches.

Make Your Writing Clear and Readable
Nothing will make readers lose confidence and interest in your writing than confusing sentences and grammatical and spelling mistakes. Keep your sentences simple and clear and stay on topic. Take the time to check all of your posts for typos and syntactical errors before you put them online.

Use Pictures!
Internet users are especially visual creatures. If you want to keep their attention, give them something to look at as well as something to read. Inserting compelling or funny or interesting pictures along with equally compelling/funny/interesting written content is a good way to pace your blog post and guide readers’ eyes easily down the page.

Divide your blog post, especially if it’s on the long side, into subsections with their own individual subheadings. This will make each section more easily digestible and will thus help you keep your reader’s interest longer. And, like pictures, subheadings also help give your blog post a good pace.

Encourage Interaction
Including interactive features in your posts, like polls, surveys and meters, is another excellent way to get readers to stay on your blog site longer. With the capabilities of today’s web applications, there is a lot more that you can do with your blog than just text. Videos and other stimulating content will help make your blog a full media resource.

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