Saturday, November 21, 2009

SPAM - Facts you need to know!!

The amount of SPAM in circulation is increasing exponentially year on year. This fact sheet is designed for those who have a spam email Torquay problem and need to know how to reduce it.

Everything you need to know about SPAM can be found at the SPAMHAUS website.

* Source - - 75% of the worlds email is SPAM.
* Source - - Hotmail filters more than 3 billion SPAM emails daily.
* SPAMMING is legal in the USA -
* SPAMMING is illegal throughout the European Community -
* The USA is the worlds top Spamming country.
ROKSO (Register Of Known Spam Operations)

80% of spam received by Internet users in North America and Europe can be traced via aliases and addresses, redirects, hosting locations of sites and domains, to a hard-core group of around 200 known spam operations, almost all of whom are listed in the ROKSO database.

See the ROKSO list:
Spamhaus guide to SPAM filtering

Spamhaus guide to SPAM filtering - for businesses using a mail server - used by more than 260 million Internet users.
Spam Solutions

Email is scanned for viruses and SPAM before it arrives at the company network. During collection, email is scanned again and after passing two completely separate tests it is delivered. Many businesses waste a lot of time removing SPAM.

With Ponticello it's all part of the service.
Email solutions

A reliable email system is essential to any business. Whether you use Outlook, Exchange or an online mailbox we can help get the most from your email. If you need email on your palm device, spam filtering or anti virus protection, call Ponticello.

Ponticello is an ICT and Computer Support Devon company, which is based in Torquay and operates in Devon and the surrounding area. They have a team of highly qualified and experienced Microsoft certified professionals who can support for your business to provide a 'one stop shop' for your ICT and Computer support needs. If you require Computer Support Devon please do not hesitate to contact us.

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