Friday, November 20, 2009

Black and White Image Comics!

on this occasion, I will give tips, how to give black and white on the manga. black and white coloring is very important, and it also affect the appearance of the manga itself.When drawing manga, this is what you must consider is the contrast of the image.In the section where you will give a black color and the part where you will give the white color, is something that must pentng you first think when you draw.

 To better understand I select a tree and the human as an example. Because trees and people will come in every manga.

Trees are depicted with colors reversed (which should be part black, became white color).  By doing this, the image will give the impression that exciting atmosphere to the reader, except that the image will appear to flow.  In the picture above, the tree is described more white color, it is intended that the reader focused on the two images.

Bright or white color is more dominant in the image above this, it is to give the impression of tension before the climax of the story.  This image is very appropriate if placed at the end of the story in the manga, and continued on the other parts.  So that the reader was curious and wanted to get to know the next event.

Drawing in silhouette (shadow), where the background image can liven tree.  Figure shadow man can memberian certain impression, look at the picture above what you're impression of the image is captured? maybe this person has a calm nature and relax.

Although the picture looks sedernana, but we already can see his point.  This person was thinking about this thing can be known with a black background.

As if the pictures are drawn without using a black color that is visible only white color. Drawing in this way can create an atmosphere of winter.

source : anime

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