Friday, November 20, 2009

how to draw a proportional hand

many people who struggle to draw hands. can be hand drawn to be slightly larger, or smaller than the size of the image. The following are tips on how to draw a proportional hand.

Step 1
Figure circle oval like the picture above. Put the point in a circle round the oval. This point is useful to facilitate determining the center of the finger the finger which will be drawn.

Step 2
Figure 5 fruit straight line centered on the central point, where the longest line is the line for the middle finger. Figure circle oval ovals over the first circle.

Step 3
Figure 4 line arcs across the four lines long. Outermost arc lines to determine the length limit of the finger. Give the points to determine the books of the fingers.

Step 4
Start with a hand sketch BASED on line help lines that have been previously dibat. The result can be seen as a picture above.

Step 5
From the picture can be seen that above the thumb bent inwards. In order images look more natural then the first set of rotation center point on the base of the thumb.Then make a circle with a radius that is used is the thumb (thumb).

Step 6
above hand drawing can be modified by changing the position of the fingers into a huddle, so long finger and ring finger look the same height. See picture above!

source : anime

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