Thursday, November 12, 2009

manga drawing tips for beginners

1. The first step began looking for a comic book reference to be drawn, for example images, including cartoons that have been there more easily than having to create a picture or painting their own images.

2. Before we start painting a picture prepared in advance drawing equipment blank paper, pencils and erasers. Well .. when everything is ready let us begin.

3. Started painting cartoon characters face one of your favorite comics in a way it slowly. Just suggestions draw a comic about the pictures is easy to like Doraemon or Sincan.

4. Draw slowly (slowly cartoon painting) and do not need to worry if the picture is not similar to his comic, his name is also just learning to draw.

5. Try drawing faces in each of the comic / cartoon artist they will be done until the end. Draw a comic character's face repeatedly so that roughly similar to the comic.

6. Then drawing a comic character without having to look at a comic book. The resulting image may not look like the original, so keep learning to paint, there is a part les painting but it depends of each person. But the most important thing you have to know the special features on the comic image.

7. Draw the face of these figures in different positions, such as a picture from the side or front. Do this over and over again, and then drawing a comic character without having to see the book paints komik.Semakin often the better practice and be like studying in studio painting, painting courses, painting lessons.

8. For the record, do not always move to draw another comic character, because it will ruin your concentration in drawing. This can also be applied in painting lessons, learn to paint.

9. If you are able to draw a face without having to look at a comic book. Learning in the studio could paint something like this implemented. Next try to change the comic facial expressions, such as facial expression images are angry, sad or happy facial expressions.

10. Follow the step by step points are above. Perhaps the painting himself often, as our capacity can be exceeded even in the studio painting, painting courses, painting lessons, etc..

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