Wednesday, November 11, 2009

so hard, and easy to draw manga

hemm,,i was to draw manga, i think its so hard. correct word people, if you draw a manga must have talent. and i try,, the result is not like manga.

intention to draw a beautiful woman, like me, its so strange shapes instead. haha!

manga is a lot of courses. but, if there is a free, why should pay?

many provider manga tutorials sites: this site is very interesting and simple. or

unfortunately, until now there has been no turorial drawing manga in Indonesian. hemm, maybe one day I'll write a tutorial how to draw manga. but if it is good. hehe!

was, I think the manga is not developed. but instead the development so far. quite terrible. even to the world. in Indonesia also has many established courses manga (have never follow-up, new intentions, hehe).

However, for friends who want a course manga, you can courses in pamerah.

but if you want a free, you can visit the manga tutorial site.

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